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attention aux aliments toxiques pour le chien

Foods that are toxic for dogs

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So, you’ve become the proud owner of a dog and you’re unable to resist the cute look he puts on when he asks you for a bit of your dinner? Well, if you do succumb to his charms, then you have to be very careful about what you put in his bowl. Some foods, although common for humans, can be very dangerous for your dog, and should under no circumstances be given to a dog. To help you out, have a look at this list of foods that are toxic for dogs.

Foods that are toxic for dogs

  • Chocolate

Chocolate is known to be good for humans, as it allows us to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but it does not have the same benefits for our canine friends. Indeed, this food can be very toxic for our four-legged companion …

Chocolate contains caffeine and a molecule called theobromine, which is what creates the bitter taste of cocoa, entering the bloodstream very quickly. These two elements are the root cause of  chocolate’s toxicity for dogs. Also, the darker the chocolate is, the more theobromine it contains and therefore the more dangerous and toxic it is for the animal.

The symptoms of chocolate poisoning usually appear 4 to 5 hours after ingestion. These are varied: your dog may suffer from vomiting, convulsions, diarrhoea and heart trouble.

Be careful, as the smaller your pet is, the quicker the poisoning will happen. Remember that 150 grammes of chocolate could be enough to kill a dog weighing 10 kilos.

  • Onion and garlic

Is your dog a greedy pooch, often finishing off scraps from your plates? Well, if so be careful not to let him eat any toxic food dangerous to his health, such as onions and garlic.

These two cause the destruction of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the heart. They can cause vomiting, anaemia, tachycardia, weakness and difficulty in breathing in your pet. These symptoms may appear 1 to 3 days after ingestion. Onions and garlic are toxic in all forms, both cooked and raw, as they contain thiosulphate.

  • Grapes

When we think of toxic foods for dogs, we don’t necessarily think about grapes. And yet this food is very dangerous for him, whether in dried or fresh form.

Grapes can cause intestinal disorders in dogs which eat them and they can also damage the kidneys, leading to bowel blockage and an increase in the risk of choking.

  • Bread, pizza, pie and cake

Do not be tempted by your dog’s expression when you’re baking a good homemade pie; you will need to avoid giving him any raw dough as this can intoxicate him… If you are looking for someone to lick out the dish, look no further than your children!

Yeast in bread dough, pizza, pie and cake can cause your pet’s stomach to swell and cause severe bloating. In some extreme cases, ingestion of raw dough can pierce your dog’s stomach. The raw dough is also composed of alcohol, albeit minimal, but this can still cause alcohol intoxication.

  • Avocados

A lovely slice of avocado, a delicious guacamole: unfortunately they contain hidden dangers for your pet. Rich in fat, the avocado can cause inflammation of the pancreas, stomach pain and vomiting.

The flesh of the avocado is not the only toxic ingredient, as its core can also be very harmful to the lungs and heart of a dog. The latter is very rich in persyl which, when ingested, can cause intestinal obstruction. This is a dangerto all animals, by the way, not just to dogs: persin is deadly!

  • Raw potatoes

The raw potato is also a food to keep firmly away from your dog’s diet. Rich in oxalate, it can be very dangerous for the urinary tract of your companion. Raw potatoes are even more toxic if they are green or sprouted. The toxicity of this food can affect a dog’s heart, motor skills, digestive and nervous system.

  • Nuts

Nuts are definitely a no-no, as not only can they can cause suffocation, but they’re also very toxic. For good reason: nuts are made of a toxin that attacks the digestive system, nervous system and bones. A small amount of nuts can cause intoxication, and if your companion ingests them, call your vet or a specialist centre immediately to know the right procedure to follow.

  • Beverages containing caffeine

As mentioned earlier in this article, caffeine is very harmful to a dog’s health. It speeds up his heartbeat, causes palpitations and difficulty in breathing, and can cause a dog to tremble and invoke a heart attack.

When we refer to caffeine we generally think of coffee and tea, but the products in which caffeine can be found are numerous. Among the drinks containing caffeine are: cola drinks, energy drinks, cocoa and chocolate, the latter being very toxic for dogs, as discussed above.

  • Salt

Seasoning our food comes as second nature to us humans. But be careful not to let salt reach our dogs!

Salt itself is toxic to our animals: when ingested in quantity, it can lead to seizures, paralysis, cardiac arrhythmias and can even put your dog in a coma.

What if your dog ingests one of these foods?

attention aux aliments dangereux pour le chienIf your dog accidentally swallows any of the foods listed above, it is important to act as quickly as possible. You must contact a veterinary clinic or emergency clinic to find out what steps to take.

During your call, you will have to give out some information about your pet, such as weight, height, health problems, how much food was ingested and whether your dog has vomited or not, and if he has eaten something else since ingesting the poisonous food.

Under no circumstances should you try to induce vomiting yourself, even if it seems like the right thing to do, as it could aggravate his condition. You must follow the advice of a professional: don’t give him something else to eat, remove his bowl so that he can’t get at it, and watch out for any food lying around which might take his fancy.

If you have not managed to reach a veterinarian or a specialist clinic, there are four poison control centres in the UK – in Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Newcastle, however the general publich should contact the relevant NHS service. Here are their contact details:

 The NPIS does not provide poisons information directly to members of the public – so, for routine poisons advice you should contact your general practitioner or telephone NHS 111 (England), NHS 24 (Scotland) or NHS Direct (Wales) using the following contact details:

In England and Wales: NHS 111 – dial 111 

In Scotland: NHS 24 – dial 111

 In N Ireland: Contact your local GP or pharmacist during normal hours; click here

( for GP services Out-of-Hours.


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