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Hemp: your dog’s new ally when it comes to its health?

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Although little known across Europe, hemp could well become your dog’s greatest health ally! Even though it may be a variety of it, hemp is not to be confused with cannabis. It is a plant that is regularly used and increasingly cultivated because of its many beneficial properties (eg being good for health and environmentally-friendly…).

But firstly, something important: hemp is not a drug! It will therefore not have any mind-altering effects on your dog. When ingesting it as a dietary supplement, there’s only an upside for your dog – yes, hemp is truly a goldmine of goodness for your dog.

Don’t know hemp? Maybe you have some questions on the subject? Well, allow us to enlighten you!


What is hemp?

Hemp is a very ancient plant that people have been cultivating for many centuries. It is a plant with a number of both nutritional and environmental benefits.

The fibre inside hemp is a renowned material that is regularly used in plastics processing (such as for car bodies), in nutrition (hemp oil), in textiles, in papermaking, in fireworks, in painting, and in many other areas. The uses of hemp are many and varied and make the plant a very sought-after material around the world.

Hemp cultivation, good for a healthy body and the environment

There’s an ongoing – and raging – debate these days about pesticides, herbicides, and other fungicides, and this is sometimes a source of considerable worry for us as far as its effects on our health and that of our dogs is concerned. Here again hemp is a well-tried and reassuring solution to these issues!

Natural hemp is an extremely durable plant. It is resistant to invasive species and to poor weather conditions, so it therefore doesn’t require any fungal treatment or herbicides. It is one of the only plants where you’ll find no residues of chemical products that might have a negative impact not only on your health, but also on that of your pets. What is more, you should know that hemp fibres are naturally fungicidal and anti-bacterial, so there’s no need to spray it and fertilise it in order to cultivate it. It’s hard to get more environmentally friendly than this! And last but not least, the environmentally-friendly aspect of hemp… it’s a real carbon dioxide trap! 1 kg of hemp absorbs 790g of carbon. With a yield approaching12 tons per acre, there’s no doubt that the cultivation of hemp is helping to fight the greenhouse effect!

There are many varieties of hemp, and they shouldn’t be confused with one another:

  • Cannabis Sativa Indica: the most well-known variety, it is an illegal drug whose THC content is greater than 5%
  • Cannabis Sativa Sativa: as a fibre, it is supported by the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, and its THC (drug) content is less than 0.2% – it is therefore completely harmless.

Here at True Leaf, we use, of course, the Cannabis Sativa Sativa variety to supply you and your dog with quality products that are good for the environment and that are good for the health of your dogs. Let’s turn to the many benefits of hemp for your dog.


Hemp seeds, a nutritional goldmine

Hemp seed oil has a perfect balance of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. These two fatty acids are essential to your dog’s welfare. Your dog cannot produce them naturally, and must therefore get their intake of them via nutritional supplements. Hemp oil thus supplies a balance and nutrients that are crucial to your dog’s health.

How does hemp oil work? Well, your dog has hormones called prostaglandins. The hormones permeate throughout its body, and in so doing contribute to smoothing out muscular contractions, controlling swelling and even regulating body temperature… The fatty acids that are present in hemp oil are one of the basic elements for making prostaglandin.


How does hemp help protect your dog?

Hemp, which, due to its many benefits, has been steadily gaining the attention of scientists around the world, is truly one of your dog’s best health friends. But what are the effects of hemp on your dog’s health?

  • Reducing joint pain

 ”For animals with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or painful joints, we have noticed that using hemp helps to relieve pain, and it makes them mobile again.” – Dr. Silver

Researchers from the “Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatology” have found that the fatty acids found in hemp seeds enable a reduction in the symptoms of arthritis of up to 25%. As we’ve said before, the perfect combination of the two fatty acids in hemp oil allows swelling to be reduced in a natural way.

  • Better skin protection and more radiant coat!

Extolled for its efficiency in cosmetics and soaps, hemp oil can penetrate the lower layers of your dog’s skin, and thus promotes healthier cellular growth. Once again, the perfect balance of fatty acids contributes a lot to reducing the swelling associated with common skin problems such as atopic dermatitis, itchy skin disease, and granuloma.

  • Hemp versus cancer

A recent American study showed that people who suffer from cancer, diabetes, or skin allergies do not produce enough GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), and the same observation holds true for our four-legged friends. Even though GLA is produced naturally by dogs, it is possible that in high-stress or intense exercise situations they may not be able to produce enough GLA. This is where True Leaf nutritional supplement products come in, with their ability to provide dogs with the GLAs they need.

The “British Journal of Cancer” was able to prove that the THC found inside hemp seeds can arrest the advance of brain cancer, and even improve patients’ health during breast cancer (Breast Cancer Research and Treatment). Ultimately, thanks to its THC content and balance of fatty acids, hemp seed oil reduces the pain your dog may suffer that is associated with many inflammations and also helps to boost your dog’s immune system!


Here at True Leaf, we take your dog’s health to heart, as well as a respect for the health of the environment! That’s why we are constantly developing quality products that are great for both.

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