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What is the KCJ?

The Kennel Club of Jersey (KCJ) is a canine organization that promotes dog breeds. The club was created in 1888, and organizes contests, events, competitions, training programmes, training sessions and dog registration services. One of the main benefits of the KCJ is that the members of this non-profit making organisation really care about a dog’s health, the relationship they have with us and how they form part of our lives.

Each year, the KCJ organizes 7 dog shows: 3 members shows, 3 championship shows and a show for the Channel Islands’ Dog of the Year.

Only certified dog breeds can participate in these contests. One is therefore obliged to have your dog accepted before participating in any one of these competitions.


The Summer Championship Show 2018

True Leaf Pet SPOTTED AT THE KCJ SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWThis show took place on the 28th of July at the Royal Showground in Jersey. It was open to any dogs registered at the KCJ or Guernsey Kennel Club. This championship judged the beauty and the behaviour of each participating dog. At this show, the dogs were judged by two experts, Mr Robin Newhouse and Mr Martin Phillips.

The jury verifies that each participating dog conforms to the highest standard of their breed. Each dog must pass two examinations. The first is physical, and it consists of examining teeth, coat and the general appearance of the dog. The second is behavioural, and consists of establishing if the animal is fearful, obedient and if it correctly obeys its master.

The Summer Championship Show was sponsored by « Raw n More » distributed by Allied Traders . This company advocates the values of good canine nutrition, and it is this company which distributes True Leaf products in Jersey.


True Leaf’s presence at this event

dog eating true hemp treatsThanks to our partnership with Allied TRaders, we have been able to introduce and offer our True HempTM treats and dental sticks to the contest’s participants. They really enjoyed discovering a new brand, and appreciated that our products only contain natural ingredients. They discovered the benefits of hemp and learned a lot in the process, namely the fact that hemp is a natural product, containing vitamins and the perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Some of the participants present at this show gave their dogs a taste of our products and we could tell that the dogs immediately took a shine to them.


Some dog owners in the contest agreed to have their pet’s picture taken next to our products as a promotion, for which we are very grateful. Here are the photos below:


What do you need to know before participating in this kind of contest?

friandises naturelles sans céréales pour chiens calmant à base de chanvre et camomilleBefore the contest, make sure your dog is prepared for such events, as they can be noisy and stressful. Do not increase the stress around him; he may feel it and react very badly to the situation – you don’t want him feeling unwell on D-Day. We would advise giving him True Leaf treats from our calming range so he feels more relaxed. These products have a unique formulation that includes hemp seeds, calming herbs and L-theanine. These ingredients help reduce hyperactivity and promote relaxation and stress reduction. Our products are GMO-free, cereal-free and have no artificial colours and flavours. Many customers recommend our products – not just the  participants mentioned here! They’ve been very satisfied with our soothing products and are therefore happy to provide endorsements for them.

On the day of the contest, consider taking water, food and treats for your dog. The wait can be long and your companion will surely need some sustenance throughout the day. Your dog must be presentable, so it’s best to bring a brush on the day of the contest so that he stays clean and his coat remains beautiful all day long.



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