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What is hemp ?

What is Hemp and what are its benefits ?

While it may be a variety of it, hemp is not to be confused with cannabis, as it contains a very small amount of THC (<0.02%), which is the ingredient that is responsible for the mind-altering effects. It is a plant that is used in many industries, and yet, few people know much about it, even though humans have been cultivating it for centuries. The reason why people cultivate it is that hemp has many excellent properties both nutritional and environmental – it is a renowned material. It has many uses : hemp seeds are used in nutrition, hemp fibre (which is very resistant) is used to make the bodies of cars, and hemp is further used in papermaking, textiles, fireworks, among many other things…



Hemp contains 25% protein, 45% lipids, and 28% nutritional fibres.

Folic acid (vitamin B) is crucial to producing healthy blood cells.

Thiamine (vitamin B) plays a key role in heart, muscle, and nervous system operations.

Riboflavin (vitamin B) is good for eyesight and skin.

Vitamin B strengthens the immune system.

Stearidonic acid (SDA), is a plant-based source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for health.

Hemp fibres are naturally fungicidal and antibacterial. Hemp requires very little cultivation, watering and fertiliser. Your pet will therefore be eating healthy treats and also, in their own way, doing their part for the environment, all while enjoying delectable treats.






It’s all about the seeds, which are a nutritional goldmine. Hemp seed oil has a perfect balance of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. These two fatty acids are essential to your dog’s welfare. Your dog cannot produce them naturally, and must therefore get their intake of them via nutritional supplements. Hemp oil thus supplies a balance of nutrients that are crucial to your dog’s health.

How does hemp oil work? Well, your dog has hormones called prostaglandins. The hormones permeate throughout its body, and in so doing contribute to smoothing out muscular contractions, controlling swelling and even regulating body temperature… The fatty acids that are present in hemp oil are one of the basic elements for making prostaglandin. And it just so happens that our fatty acids, the ones that come from hemp seed oil, are one of the basic ingredients in prostaglandin. Opting for True Leaf treats allows your dog to enjoy treats that are good for its health. These treats will significantly contribute to reducing joint pain, they will help avoid skin problems, and they will ensure your dog and cat’s coat stays visibly radiant. And that’s not all: improving the efficiency of your dog’s and cat’s immune system will help reduce the risk of cancer.

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