Linda Richards

Four tiny dogs all love these! Have half a stick each every other day. Shiny soft coats nice breath and teeth look better!

Eve CrawfordDental Sticks for Dogs

Normally, my cavalier wont have his stick on his own. However this product, he can finish on his own and loves the stick. Also I try the calming one, it is brilliant too. I think I will stick on this brand, because the hemp leaf, his coat looks more shiny and softer. I would say , why not to give it a go.

Winston and familyChews & Dental Sticks for Dogs

My dogs loved them. I have a shihtzu that has very bad alergy to grain . These grain free dental chews are the furst to not have any reaction on him. The calm bites all 4 love them. We will continue to buy and give our fur babies the best treat ever .

Simonne RodriguesDog Treats

The delivery was delayed but they communicated effectively and I'm very impressed. My dog is OBSESSED with these treats. He loves them and hunts for them around the house. Highly recommend.

Elizabeth Ling-lockeCat Treats - Senior Support

We had to change my cats diet due to multiple allergies . She loved her dreamies and thought we would never find a cat treat suitable , but after searching I found the true leaf senior support treats grain free. Was unsure if she would like them due to being very fussy with her food . She totally loves them and looks forward to her hemp treats each morning . So glad we found these . I now purchase multiple packs so I don’t run out of them . I can honestly say they are worth Paying the extra money for them to get a good product .

MattCat Treats - Senior Support

One of my cats has hip dysplasia and these seem to help her to the point she asks for them and will refuse others until she gets one. She's allot more active and playful with them.

JessCat Treats

We moved my cat onto these as she is allergic to just about everything but she was addicted to Dreamies so we went looking for an alternative and these are wonderful! I highly recommend these.

DillyCat Treats - Senior Support

Dilly is 18, since having these she is happy, lovely life and possibly thinks she’s 8 again. They’ve made a massive difference with her. She moves and stands better, less shakey. She has a much better appetite and eats her food and has gained some needed weight. She grooms herself better-maybe she can move easier. She’s bounds about like I’ve not seen in years. I give her about 6 a day and she loves them. I did think they cost a lot, but they are worth it in my opinion, I didn’t have any for a while and noticed her reverting back. She’s back on them now and back to being much happier and seemingly healthier. Dilly’s magic medicine.